The “surgical” finish of our cushions

Before our cushions leave the workshop, they are thoroughly checked for loose seams and zippers. This way of finishing makes the cushions dependable and durable. Each KUSzzz is produced in the Netherlands. You bring something special into your home.


There are several techniques we use to finish our cushions. These depend on the type of cushion and the chosen outer fabric. For example, piping gives a cushion more luxury, folds are made in the upholstery using capitonnage and air-permeable fabric is intended to allow a cushion, made of waterproof plastic, to breathe. Read all the benefits and features below.

Piping adds extra luxury

For some fabrics, it is possible to make a narrow strip called piping or piping cord. Piping is used as an inner cord and forms a finishing cord together with a strip of fabric. The finish with piping creates a luxurious look and is available in many colours. We can make piping on decorative cushions, lounge cushions and sunbed cushions.

What is capitonnage and crowning?

For capitonnage, folds in the upholstery are made in the form of diamonds (capitons). A capiton is in fact a “pillow” surrounded by folds, with a (deeper) button on each corner.

Crowning is a much simpler technique than capitonnage. On a flat surface, buttons in the form of a diamond or a rectangle are attached to the upholstery. To accentuate this shape, the upholstery may be provided with stitching seams. This technique therefore lacks the folds.

Nautolex Underlining

When finishing cushions with waterproof plastics, we use an air-permeable fabric partly on the underside or back of the cushion. This material, also known as Nautolex Underlining, has been specially developed for covering the underside of boat cushions. The fabric is made of woven polyester with a vinyl coating and therefore very strong.

Air-permeable fabric allows a cushion to breathe. Without this fabric, the air cannot escape from the pillow. You'll be sitting on a balloon, as it were. The material is also non-slip, which ensures that cushions stay better on wicker lounge sets and other smooth surfaces. Nautolex is available in four colours.

KUSzzz labels: a confirmation of quality

The name KUSzzz is registered in the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. This protects our brand name against infringement and unlawful use. The ®mark (Registered) may be used with an officially registered trademark. We are proud of this


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