Waterproof protective covers

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Waterproof protective covers

Custom made

How do you determine the dimensions?

For square and rectangular protective covers, indicate the length, width and height of the furniture. With round covers, we need the diameter and height of the furniture.

Provide a “small” margin

Did you take the measurements? Add a small margin (+/- 3 to 7 cm). This makes it easier to place the protective cover. Also, the margin ensures sufficient ventilation and drainage options.

What margin should I maintain?

<150 cm: 3 cm margin

150 to 400 cm: 5 cm margin

>400 cm: 7 cm margin

Special outer fabrics

With a water-repellent protective cover, you'll never have to bring your cushions in again

Suitable for garden sets, lounge furniture and picnic tables

Our protective covers come with an elastic cord in the hem, ventilation holes and a storage bag.


Do you want to protect your outdoor cushions from rain and dirt? Then opt for a customised water-repellent protective cover.

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