Embroidery on catering cushions has a chic look

Personalise your hospitality cushions by embroidering a company logo, text or image, for example. Embroidery has a fancy look and strengthens the identity of your hospitality company.

We can embroider your logo on any type of chair or sofa

Embroidering is a sustainable way to put extra spotlight on your café, restaurant, hotel or beach pavilion. Embroidery on catering cushions ensures that guests will immediately recognize your hospitality business. As a result people will stay at your terrace more readily.



Because of the small stitches of the Fill technique, the embroidery is more durable than conventional embroidery methods. In short, efficient and sustainable.


The maximum size of an embroidery is about 20×30 cm. Embroidery is only possible on fabric. Laser is a good alternative for plastics.


The price of an embroidery depends on the dimensions, the number of stitches and the number of colours. In addition, an embroidery card must be made. The set-up costs are 49 euros.

Why you want lasering on catering cushions

Lasering on catering cushions is particularly accurate, very efficient and more durable than embroidery. The final colour of the text, image or company logo depends on the choice of fabric. Lasering is only possible on certain plastics.


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