Up to 5 years warranty on all our fabrics

KUSzzz cooperates with several major suppliers in Europe. Depending on the type of fabric, you are entitled to a two to five year warranty. Certain outdoor fabrics, such as plastics and gauze, are subject to a shorter warranty period because they are more frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Warranty on cushions

Warranty on cushions. How does it work exactly? It is important to know that all our fabrics come with a standard manufacturer's warranty. How long; this depends on the type of fabric and the supplier. The manufacturer also looks at circumstances. Outdoor fabrics are more exposed to extreme weather conditions than indoor fabrics.

2-year service warranty on seams and zippers

KUSzzz offers a two-year service warranty on seams and zippers from the day the cushions are delivered. This avoids most of the problems that can sometimes arise when assembling a cushion (the work is done by humans, after all). These can be faults such as: seams that are not stitched correctly or zippers that do not (or no longer) close. Outside the warranty period, only the workshop costs for the repair of cushion covers are charged.

Warranty on the colour fastness of our fabrics

Our outdoor fabrics can get a touch lighter the longer they lie outside. But under no circumstances should they discolour. Did you buy cushions from us that are showing discolouration in spite of this? Get in touch immediately. We will then take immediate action at the manufacturer's.



Learn all about warranty

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More information about warranty?

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