Next level storage options for hospitality entrepreneurs

Store your catering cushions safely with us

Heb je een café, restaurant, hotel of strandpaviljoen maar weinig ruimte? Sla je horecakussens dan bij ons op. Zo heb je er geen omkijken meer naar en blijven je kussens mooi schoon totdat je ze weer nodig hebt. We halen alle kussens persoonlijk bij je op en brengen ze weer terug met één telefoontje. Geen gedoe, simpel en snel geregeld.

Ideal for beach pavilions

But also for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and wellness centres with little space to store large amounts of cushions.

Pick up in person

We collect the cushions personally from you in the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Unlimited m2 storage

We offer very large storage options for all your cushions

Safe and insured

We assure safe storage for all your catering cushions

Calling is return

We'll return your cushions on any date. Quick and easy.


Have your cushions cleaned

Fresh & Clean

Before you store your cushions, you can have them professionally cleaned with us. This is how we make them look great again.

Meer informatie over opslag?

Ask your question here. Do you want to make an appointment right away? If so, please indicate the preferred date when we may collect the cushions from you and how many cushions are involved.

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