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This is the year he started the company KUSzzz with his father. KUSzzz stands for KISS and for cushions, with the addition of zzz for relaxation. Erik van der Horst is the sales officer. As a cousin and business partner, Judith Driessen is mainly found in the back office where she takes care of these resources. In addition to an ever-growing organisation, KUSzzz is still a cosy family business today.

Have we ever let you down?

A slogan that fits our company perfectly, says Rob Willigenburg, Head of Marketing at KUSzzz. "We focus on long-term relationships with our customers, where we attach great importance to personal service and customer satisfaction. It just has to be perfect. The best materials, handmade and superbly finished in our own workshop". This may not be the cheapest production process, but you will enjoy it for a much longer time,” says Rob. Each KUSzzz is produced in the Netherlands. You bring something special into your home. This enthusiasm led to an editorial article in Dagblad De Limburger in 2017.

10 years of experience. Lots of beautiful milestones.

2011 | Establishment of KUSzzz

Gerard van der Horst and his son Erik decide to start their business after a brainstorming session. Together they come up with the name KUSzzz and look for fabric and foam suppliers.

2012 | Chamber of Commerce registration

A year later, at the age of 66, Gerard hands over the baton to Judith, Erik's cousin. Rob, Judith's partner, also gets on board. He will continue to further the position of KUSzzz and lays the foundations for growth in Belgium and Germany. At the time, Erik and Judith are still working full-time at another company. Together they officially register KUSzzz with the Chamber of Commerce.

2015 | First business premises at C-mill

After four years of business, there is a need for more space and the need for business premises is becoming ever greater. KUSzzz moves to ©-mill, a highly acclaimed business park in the Molenberg district of Heerlen.

2019 | Move to Eygelshoven

Growth continues. So strong that KUSzzz has now been forced to move within the ©-mill park four times. It's time for the next step. Contracts are being signed for larger business premises in Eygelshoven. This is where the headquarters, a showroom and the workshop are located.

2020 | Own studio

It's finally here. A studio of our own had been on the KUSzzz wish list for a while. With experienced modinettes who understand every aspect of this craft well.

2021 | Opening store & online shop

The coronavirus crisis continues and is throwing a spanner in the works. The catering industry is practically at a standstill, and we too must adapt our strategy. The focus is shifted to private individuals through the construction of an online stop and a physical store in our headquarters in Eygelshoven.

2022 | Acquisition of Stoffering Limburg

With the acquisition of Stoffering Limburg from Heerlerheide, we can meet the explosive demand for upholstery. We now have all the knowledge we need to upholster and/or refill chairs, sofas, motorhomes and catering furniture.

“The original idea was to make cushions for garden sets and sell them in stores ”

Gerard van der Horst, Founder

All expertise under one roof

With our own workshop, extensive knowledge of upholstery, a workshop and showroom, we have all the knowledge we need to produce custom made cushions for the following sectors: Catering, Wellness, Leisure, Maritime, Education, Culture, Care and Private.

Mario Kulkes



35 jaar ervaring in het stofferen van campers en caravans. Sinds 2022 mede-eigenaar van KUSzzz.

Diego Martin Muñoz

Martin Muñoz


Spanish temperament. Heart of gold. Diego is on the road every day to provide our customers with beautiful cushions.

Kjeld van Osch

van Osch

Backoffice & sales

Backoffice tijger. Beantwoordt al je verkoopgerichte vragen over kussens op maat en stofferingen.

Roger Linssen



Hard worker. A bunch of experience as upholsterer of chairs and benches for catering and private individuals.

Eline van de Ruit

van de Ruit


Responsible for sewing our cushions. Eline has over 10 years of experience as a modinette.

Nicole Reimersdahl



Responsible for packing our cushions and all other work in the workshop.

Margo van den Boorn

van den Boorn


Margo is mede-verantwoordelijk voor het naaiwerk van campers en meubelen.



Vrolijke Iraanse die ons part-time helpt met locken om randen van een stof af te werken.



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