Your old chairs and sofas as new again

What we do

Upholstery and reclining of chairs, benches, and stools

KUSzzz is the specialist in upholstery. We upholster and reupholster many types of furniture such as: chairs, benches, and stools. We do this for hospitality, wellness and private customers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to furniture, you can also contact us for the upholstery of your motorhome, caravan or folding caravan. Upon agreement, a motorhome that needs to be upholstered must be brought to our workshop in Eygelshoven (Limburg). You can find all information about this on our page caravan cushions.

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From old and worn to brand new

In addition to upholstery on the outside of your furniture, we can also restore the inside. Think of a new interior, but also small adjustments such as re-strengthening with glue.

Give your old furniture a second life

KUSzzz wants to give every piece of furniture a second chance. Would you like to return your furniture to its original state or give it a completely new look? Then have their upholstery renovated. On average, we need two weeks for the upholstery of your furniture.

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