Protect your patio cushions from water and dirt with a transport cart, including a waterproof protective cover

With a transport trolley from KUSzzz, you can store your patio cushions quickly and protect them from water and dirt. The trolley has a powder-coated frame, sturdy wheels and is suitable for all our terrace cushions.


The facts about our transport carts


70 folding cushions or 140 seat cushions fit in a KUSzzz transport trolley. With a weatherproof cover, your cushions are well protected.


Our trolleys are made of stainless steel. The finish is a solid matt powder coating.

Delivery time

The delivery time of our transport trolley is two weeks. Provided we have it in stock. Transport trolleys are always delivered in person.


The costs are 649,- excluding VAT per transport trolley. It is also possible to order the transport trolley from our online shop.

Made from the best stainless steel on the market

Order your transport trolley with one call

Ordering has never been easier. Our transport trolleys are delivered to your restaurant in person.


Do you have a question about our transport carts? Send a message and receive a reply the same day.

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