Heat cushions

For hospitality terraces

sit&heat warmtekussen bediening

Environmentally friendly

Heated cushions are 100x more economical than patio heaters

A fully charged heat cushion only consumes 40 Watts. The heat is adjustable per cushion. Use the control button to easily increase, decrease or turn off the heat. The heated cushion is only activated when someone sits down on it. After you leave your seat, the cushion automatically switches off after two minutes.

Automatically turns on when you sit down on it

Cool spring sun or long late summer. With heated pillows, you can stay seated outside on the terrace for longer for a snack and a drink. Guests receive the heat directly, so no heat is lost to the outside air. Our heated catering cushions are energy-efficient, comfortable and innovative.

No CO2 emissions

Warm your guests instead of the air outside

Heated cushions keep your patrons warm, and your patio chairs occupied all year round. This extends the outside season and also saves a lot of money. Due to the extra occupancy and its low energy consumption, you will usually earn back the investment of a heat cushion within a few months.

verwarmde loungebank

The unique features of our patio cushions

Have we ever let you down?

Weatherproof materials

Excellently finished

Higher terrace occupancy

Easy to maintain

Environmentally friendly

Colourfast outer fabrics

Low energy consumption

Made in the Netherlands

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